Claron McFadden & Nightshade


In ‘Nightshade: Aubergine’, Claron McFadden seeks common cultural roots on the basis of the culinary qualities of the aubergine. This nightshade-like vegetable has migrated huge distances, but has been able to put down roots everywhere. Lisa Tahon and McFadden followed the route in the reverse direction: from the West, via the Mediterranean countries, to the Far East. Among each of the local peoples they discovered a dish and a song. In this way, McFadden adds a new chapter to the tradition of migration together with musicians from many ‘nightshade cultures’: Roma, Belgian, Iraqi, Greek and Afro-Anatolian. In ‘Nightshade: Aubergine’ you can taste the rich cooking of the aubergine in combination with live music and a travel documentary about what links people together and how cross-fertilisation enriches our identity.

Claron McFadden singing
Tcha Limberger violin
Tuur Florizoone accordion
Lode Vercampt cello
Yannick Peeters double bass
Jean-Philippe Poncin clarinet
Shahin During percussion
Osama Abdulrasol qanun

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