Mundus Productions was founded in 2005 by percussionist and producer Sjahin During, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Various international projects and collaborations which resulted in 15 album releases and worldwide tours in more than 50 countries at major jazz and world music festivals.

Sjahin has been founder of recordlabel Mundus Productions and artistic leader of many renowned groups which toured worldwide such as, Arifa & Voices from the East, Namibian Tales, Mundus Quartet, Afro Anatolian Tales, Tarhana, Turqumstances and Bayuba Cante. (See Discography for full project overview and releases.)

Sjahin’s excellence as a player is equally matched by his talent for bringing together musicians into formations of unique quality and depth, dedicated to exploring contemporary takes on these ancient traditions. In 2007, he set up the foundation, Mundus Productions, for the recording, production, and promotional activities behind his own tailor-made music ensembles. These include Bayuba Cante, Afro Anatolian Tales, Turqumstances, Tarhana and Arifa.

Under the Mundus Productions umbrella Sjahin is also the catalyst, artistic director and driving force behind the formation, musical and career development of new groups, such as Mundus Quartet, Namibian Tales and Cacha Mundinho. He loves encounters and opportunities to create bridges between East and West, between various music genres.

Awards by Mixed
World Music - Netherlands:

  • Arifa “Danubian Voyage” Chosen as the best world music album release in The Netherlands of 2022
  • Namibian Tales “Itaala” Chosen as the best world music album release in The Netherlands of 2017
  • Shishani & the Namibian Tales “Itaala” Chosen as the best world music album release in The Netherlands of 2016
  • Arifa “Voices from the East” Chosen as the best world music album release in The Netherlands of 2015
  • Arifa “Anatolian Alchemy” Chosen as the best world music album release in The Netherlands of 2012
  • Arifa “Beyond Babylon” Chosen as the best world music album release in The Netherlands of 2010

Ensembles & productions
since 1997


1997 – Afro Cuban crossover
2 Albums released by Network Medien, Germany.

Martha Gallaraga – vocals (Cuba)
Leoni Santander – vocals (Chilli/Netherlands)
Lisbeth Anker – vocals (Netherlands)
Gil Lopez – gitaar (Netherlands)
Praful – sax/flute (Germany)
Tjakina Oosting – cello (netherlands)
Afra Mussawisade – percussion (Iran)
Liber Torriente – drums (Cuba)
Sjahin During – percussion (Turkey/Netherlands)


2001 Afro Cuban album produced in Havana by Sjahin
Released by Pan records.

Javier Campos – percussion /vocals (Cuba)
Maximino – – percussion /vocals (Cuba)
Martha Gallaraga – vocals (Cuba)
Pancho Quinto – percussion /vocals (Cuba)
El Gato – percussion /vocals (Cuba)
Lucumi – percussion /vocals (Cuba)
Jose Pilar – percussion /vocals (Cuba)


2002 Anatolian, Turkish Impro Jazz

Mola Sylla – vocals (Senegal)
Sibel Gurso -: vocals (Turkey)
Çağlayan Yıldız – guitar (Turkey)
Oğuz Büyükberber – bass clarinet, clarinet (Turkey)
Slobodan Trkulja – tenor saxophone, kaval, bagpipes (Serbia)
Hasan Esen – lyra, violin, rebab and oud (Turkey)
Engin Arslan – baglama, tambur (Turkey)
Arnold Dooyeweerd – contrabass (Netherlands)
Cengiz Baysal – drums (Turkey)
Sjahin During – percussion (Turkey/Netherlands)


2006 – Turkish, Balkan, Oriental music, Worldbeat, Gypsy music. Album Released by Music & Words

Ozhan Acikbas (Turkey) – saz & vocals
Alex Simu (Romania) – Saxophone & Clarinet
Franz von Chossy (Germany) – keyboards
Hassie Dune (Holland) – bass, ngoni
Borislav Petrov (Bulgaria) – drums
Sjahin During (Turkey/Holland) – Afro Anatolian percussion

Special guest:
Mazaher ensemble – Egypt
Theodossi Spassov – kaval (Bulgaria)
Ghalia Benali – vocals (Tunesia)
Hana Kamkar – vocals (Iran)
Kourosh Babaei – kamanche (Iran)

The Gypsies from Rajasthan, India:
Sapera Khatu – Kalbelia dance
Anwar Khan Manganiar- vocal
Ghewar Khan Manganiar – kamaicha
Firoze Khan Manganiar – dholak
Kheta Khan Manganiar – khaartal
Lakha Khan Manganiar – sindhi sarangi
Pempe Khan Manganiar – sahanai
Kachra Khan Manganiar – vocal


2009 released by Double Moon, Turkey

Aynur Doğan – vocals (Kurdish/Turkey)
Arto Tuncboyaciyan – vocals & percussion (Turkey,Armenia)
Hasan Essen – kemenche (Turkey)
Engin Arslan: baglama, tambur (Turkey)
Sjahin During – percussion (Turkey/ Netherlands)

“Live in Teheran”

2009 Music & Words

Ozhan Acikbas (Turkey) – saz & vocals
Kourosh Babaei – kamanche (Iran)
Alex Simu – clarinet (Romania)
Sjahin During – percussion (Turkey/ Netherlands)


2010-2023 Silk Road Jazz – A bridge of sounds between the Orient and Occident. 5 albums released by Buda Music & Mundus Productions, O-Tone Music.

Alex Simu (Romania) – clarinet
Franz von Chossy (Germany) – piano
Mehmet Polat – ud (Turkey)
Osama Abdulrasol – kanun (Irak)
Zhivko Vasilev (Bulgaria) kaval
Bence Huszar (Hungaria) cello
Sjahin During – percussion (Turkey/ Netherlands)

Special guest:
Xiaoxu Meng – erhu & vocals (China)
Niusha Barimani – kamanche & vocals (Iran)
Vanya Valkova – gadulka & vocals (Bulgaria)
Michalis Cholevas – tarhu (Greece)
Aynur Doğan – vocals (Turkey)
Waed Bouhassoun – ud (Syria)
Alma Quartet (Netherlands)
Soukaina Farsi – vocals (Morocco)
Aziz Ozouss – rebab (Morocco)


2016 – Namibian San music – crossover.
2 albums released by Mundus Productions

Shishani – vocals & guitar (Namibia/Belgium)
Bence Huszar – cello (Hungaria)
Debby Korfmacher – mbira, kora, voice (Germany/Netherlands)
Sjahin During – percussion (Turkey/ Netherlands)

San/Bushmen from Nambia
Seg//ae N!ani – vocals
Baqu Kha//an – vocals
//Ao N!ani – vocals
N!ae Komtsa – vocals


2018 Makam Jazz

Emine Bostanci – classical kemenche (Turkey)
Juliano Abramovay – fretless guitar (Brazil)
Bence Huszar – cello (Hungary)
Sjahin During – percussion set (Turkey/ Netherlands)


2020 A musical voyage through the world of Lusophony

Joana Almeida – vocals & guitar (Portugal)
Maripepa Contreras – oboe & duduk (Spain)
Pedro Ferreira – double bass (Brazil)
Sjahin During – percussion (Turkey/Netherlands)